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Welcome to India Association of Tallahassee, Florida

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India Association of Tallahassee (IAT) was formed in May 1997. Present membership is about 150. The Indian population in Tallahassee and vicinity is approximately 400 including about 100 students. Early Indians arrived in Tallahassee about 30 years back. The Indian population has grown steadily ever since. Most Indians are professionals and some are engaged in business.

Several Indians felt the need for some organization to bring under its fold all the Indian population in the area and as a result, the IAT was formed.

The IAT activities are governed by its bylaws . The association is guided by a Board of Directors, elected by the general membership of the IAT. The day-to-day administration of the association is conducted by an Executive Committee, also elected by the general membership of the IAT.

The association publishes a membership directory every year.

Association News

  • We are accepting donations for the Sept 11th Disaster Relief. All the proceeds will be sent to the Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Corss. Please call the executive committee for further details.

Upcoming Events

  • Glimpses of India - To be held on 28th Oct 2001 at 5.00pm, Moore Auditorium.
  • Diwali and Dance Dinner - To be held on 16th Nov 2001 at 7.00pm, FSU Ball Room.
  • List of Events


  • Glimpses of India - Kindly call the representatives below and let them know if you wish to participate (before 1st Oct 2001).
    Roma Punwani 850-385-4243
    Kishore Srinivas 850-219-0238
    Padmini Lakshmin 850-668-8786
  • Diwali and Dance Dinner - Contact the Executive committee for more details.
  • List of Previous Announcements


Manoj Punwani
Roma Punwani

Contact Information

IAT Web Master
P. O. Box 12111
Tallahassee, FL 32317-2111
United States of America

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Last Updated on 17th Sept 2001.