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Welcome to India Association of Tallahassee, Florida

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India Association of Tallahassee (IAT) was formed in May 1997. Present membership is about 150. The Indian population in Tallahassee and vicinity is approximately 400 including about 100 students. Early Indians arrived in Tallahassee about 30 years back. The Indian population has grown steadily ever since. Most Indians are professionals and some are engaged in business.

Several Indians felt the need for some organization to bring under its fold all the Indian population in the area and as a result, the IAT was formed.

The IAT activities are governed by its bylaws. The association is guided by a Board of Directors, elected by the general membership of the IAT. The day-to-day administration of the association is conducted by an executive committee, also elected by the general membership of the IAT.

The association publishes a membership directory every year.

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